On-line registration

Extension of the early registration date: 31st of March 2013.

In order to register and pay the registration fee we invite you the use the «on line» system (by clicking on the window at the bottom of the page). The registration process takes two steps. The first step is just the pre-registration. You do not need to decide about the means of payment . After the validation of the first step you, will be invited by email to proceed to the second step. In this step you will be able to choose the type of payment: i) Bank transfer, ii) «Bon de commande» (for French only), iii) Credit card.

Start of the process:

  • Step 1:
    Click on the window at the bottom of this page. Select CFP2013 conference and fill in your personal information and affiliation. Select the registration fare corresponding to your situation. Close the system. You will automatically receive an email of confirmation.

  • Step 2:
    After the reception of an email inviting you to continue the procedure (note that it can take one or two days), please enter the system again and choose the payment type. If you chose «Bank transfer», a document will be generated providing you with all the necessary data you will need (name of the bank, the number of the account, etc). If you pay by card, you will be able to pay «on line». French participants who pay by «bon de commande» have to choose the «virement» option.

If you need the final invoice once you have done your payment, please contact by email:


Email : Sylvie.pagan@dr13.cnrs.fr

Access to the on-line registration system:

Please pay attention when writing your email address. In case of error you will have to register again using a different email address.