Multiscale modelling in soil and rock mechanics

The French-Polish Colloquium on Soil and Rock Mechanics is organised on a regular basis every three years since 1978. The XVI edition of the Colloquium in 2013 will be organized for the first time by the Laboratory of Mechanics and Civil Engineering in Montpellier (LMGC). It is our pleasure to welcome you to Montpellier !

The aim of the Colloquium is to assembly a community of Polish and French researchers working in the field of Soil and Rock Mechanics. It is also open to all other interested collaborators.

The XVI edition of the French- Polish Colloquium will be devoted to the problem of “Multiscale modelling in soil and rock mechanics”. As natural materials, soil and rock are complex heterogeneous structures. Many recent research works concerning soil and rock are focused on the multiscale character of these materials, and related engineering aspects. The multiscale approach makes is possible to link the microscopic features of the material (microstructure, microphysics, microscopic properties) with the behaviour observable and measurable at the macroscopic scale. By providing the “bridge” between the scales, the modelling becomes more predictive and efficient. We invite all contributions concerning multiscale modelling: theoretical, numerical and experimental. Since the subject is relatively new and still under development, the state of the art papers are also welcome.

The topic of «Multiscale modelling in soil and rock mechanics» will be considered as leading but not exclusive. The recent advances in soil and rock mechanics, especially related to energy production and new geo-composite materials as well as those dealing with geo-environmental issues, are also invited.

Under the patronage of the:

Consul General of Poland in Lyon Monsieur Wojciech Tycinski
Polish Committee of Geotechnics (PKG)
French Committee of Soil Mechanics (CFMS)